Confusion all around

Some user on the net confused my app (never released, project is abbandoned ) with another one released by Conceited Software( if im not worng ) because both apps got the same name. (i think that my project and Conceited’s project started in the same period, so i suppose that each side thought to be the first to use that name). So plz stop leave comments asking me why iRadio not work on your iphone im not responsable for that! ūüėȬ†Actually im starting coding again trying to develop a SIP user agent for iphone, at this moment only a proof of concept. on the net i’ve found that a guy ported the open source sofia-sip library to the iphone so it shouldn’t be hard to develop a sip client using these lib.¬†Here’s the link¬†¬†¬†


Video preview 2!

Here it is the second video preview, probably the ‘pre-alpha’ version binary will be released next week… i hope! ūüėÄ

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Work in progress…

Just to keep you informed about the project status…

Code improvements:

  • handle the iphone keyboard so you can enter a custon stream url and path.


  • socket code optimized.
  • GUI improvements.
  • now you can control the volume with a slider

Hey! Now iRadio has a new startup image! (thanks to mikelOne)


Soon a new video preview… Stay tuned!


Video preview!

Download and watch the iRadio preview!


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Development news

– ENG –¬†Actually i’m working on iRadio an iPhone native app which allows you to listen to web radio streams. This app is actually on “pre alpha” developement stage but soon i will release binaries and source code.
Caming soon… the presentation video!¬†

– ITA –¬†Attualmente sto lavorando su iRadio una applicazione nativa per iPhone che vi permette di ascoltare gli stream delle radio sul web. L’applicazione √® attualmente in fase di sviluppo ( “pre alpha” ) ma presto rilascer√≤ i binari e il codice sorgente.
Prossimamente… il video di presentazione!



Welcome to my blog!

Hello everybody!¬†In this blog I will release some iPhone apps compiled with the Dev Team toolchain. The apps will be released under the GNU Public Licence (GPL) version 2. Feel free to leave comments, bug report or ideas for new applications. ( sorry for my poor english… i’m italian ūüėČ )